CONSAD Research Corporation

Since 1963, CONSAD has provided public and private sector clients with comprehensive and innovative analysis of public policy, business, and economic issues. CONSAD's diverse team of analysts combines their extensive experience and traditional analytic approaches with the most advanced concepts and tools to perform each research project. CONSAD continues to excel at producing and communicating research answers that successfully affect political and social change. It is by adhering to uncompromising standards of excellence that CONSAD maintains its leadership in the dynamic world of public policy research.

CONSAD has 50 years of experience in the development and application of wide-ranging business and economic planning approaches, benefit-cost analysis, economic impact assessment, regulatory and technological feasibility analyses, environmental economics, engineering economics, industry studies, simulation and optimization models and methods, primary (including survey design) and secondary data collection techniques, data base design and management, statistical analysis, computer applications, effective report writing, graphic presentations, and practical approaches to project management and operations.

CONSAD's most important asset is its reputation for excellence. Characteristics that best distinguish CONSAD and its highly experienced professional staff include:

  • The ability to quickly master the necessary details of specific business, economic, and technical systems so that a wide range of problem-solving approaches can be defined and assessed.

  • The ability to identify and select alternative research approaches which best reflect and respond to client requirements and goals.

  • The facility to manage and implement both multi-perspective and multidisciplinary approaches, understanding that technical/analytical, organizational/societal, and personal/group perspectives call for the appropriate application of both quantitative and qualitative social science techniques, as well as their proper integration and presentation.

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